Neuroplastic Adaptations of Swallowing and Speech in Cerebral Palsy: a 2-Center Study to Identify New Treatment Targets (2017)

Researchers are examining the relationship between swallowing and speech mechanisms at several physiological levels. A better knowledge of typical and atypical development of swallow and speech could lead to improved treatments for these functions in cerebral palsy, which have the potential to be life-changing and life-saving.

Initial Observations

  • Children with CP often experience eating or speech difficulties.
  • How CP contributes to these challenges is not well established.

Core Questions

  • What contributions do the brain and muscles each make to swallowing and speaking?
  • How do the brain and muscles interact during swallowing and speech?
  • How does that differ between children with and without CP?

Research Team

  • Dr. Georgia Malandrika PhD CCC-SLP BCS-S, Dr. Zhongming Liu PhD, Dr. Bruce Craig PhD, Dr. Lisa Goffman PhD CCC-SLP, Dr. Wedelin Burdo-Hartman MD, Dr. Jennifer P Ludine PhD CCC-SLP BC-ANCDS