Tracking Longitudinal Progression of Selective Motor Control from Infancy Through Childhood in Spastic Cerebral Palsy 

Children and adults with spastic cerebral palsy frequently have reduced ability to move joints individually. Motor control function originates in the brain. The pathways are present at birth but continue to develop after birth. Understanding how motor control develops in infancy and how it may be altered in infants with cerebral palsy is important to […]

Baseline Muscle Properties of individuals with Cerebral Palsy 

Spastic muscles of individuals with CP are usually smaller, stiffer and weaker. Recent research has shown that muscle preservation therapies and enhancement are important. Compare muscle quality before and after receiving Botox, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomies, orthopedic surgery, or no treatment. Core Question Rachel L DiFazio, PhD RN PPCNP-BC FAAN; Judith Ann Vessey, PhD MBA RN FAAN; […]