Participation, Mobility, and Gait in Adults with Cerebral Palsy: Relationships with Childhood Factors (2018)

The goal of this longitudinal study is to investigate the changes in gait, mobility, and participation in adults with CP over a 20-year timespan. While significant work has been performed measuring gait outcomes in children with CP, few long-term studies have followed patients into adulthood. This research is a necessary next step toward providing the best evidence-based care. Assessments will include gait impairment and gait velocity with independence, measures of gait deterioration and severity, as well as changes over time in gait pattern, ability, and function. These factors will be evaluated from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood. Ultimately, this investigation aims to demonstrate how surgical treatments, personal influencers, and environmental factors of childhood are associated with adult gait, mobility, and participation outcomes.

Post Research Results

  • Results were communicated in 2 presentations.

Research Team

  • Dr. M. Wade Shrader MD, Dr. Kristen Nicholson PhD, Nancy Lennon MS PT, Chris Church MPT, Faithe Kalispersin DPT, Dr. Adolfredo Santa MD, Dr, Julieanne Sees DO, Dr. Freeman Miller MD