Muscle Stem Cell Dysfunction in Muscular Contractures in Children with Cerebral Palsy (2018)

This study evaluates the role of muscle stem cell dysfunction in the development of contractures in people with CP and its association with age and functionality. Muscle contractures are permanent shortenings of a muscle seen in the tightest muscles of people with conditions like spastic cerebral palsy. Such contractures result in poor muscle growth that can reduce a child’s functional capacity, with limitations worsening with age. Current therapies neither prevent contracture development nor diminish recurrence following corrective surgery. Recent work by these investigators has demonstrated that the muscle stem cell pool is dramatically reduced by 60-70% in muscle contractures in older ambulatory children with CP. This study aims to quantify the relationship among muscle stem cell number, degree of contracture, age, and functional levels in children with spastic CP. Understanding the mechanism of this reduction, its relationship with age, degree of contracture, and functional levels could lead to therapies to prevent and treat muscle contractures.

Research Team

  • Dr. Sudarshan Dayanidhi PT PhD, Dr. Vineeta Swaroop MD